Privacy Policy

Privacy and respect of other human beings is of the utmost importance to us. Hence, we do not share your private information and we have no contracts with advertisers or any third-parties gathering personal information. We secure and manage all website information, personal or otherwise, on our own servers to the best of our abilities. We do not store or collect financial information such as credit card information. 

Information We Collect

All the personal information we collect from you can be found in your profile page. We only require name, email address and a broad residence location; other information is voluntary. We encourage some degree of transparency in order to prevent any falsified names misrepresenting identity which could be used to deceive the community. While not all of the profile information is displayed to other registered members, by entering your profile editing page, you’ll access all your data. You may edit it at any time and also limit who sees your information on your profile page within our community membership. You may contact us to assist you with it.

PayPal and Stripe

All the payments we receive from you come via either Stripe or PayPal and hence we never hold your financial information. PayPal and Stripe send us an automated email tracking basic information, as per their terms (name, address & email), plus the amount and date of your payments. We keep this information secure for our own reference when managing memberships and do not share it with anyone. Please check with PayPal and Stripe for more information.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics on our web pages to better understand how our site is being used. This information is collected in an aggregate way and includes information such as devices, operating system, browser, screen size, location, time and pages visited. This helps us to update the web site in a way that accommodates for current devices and offer a better experience when navigating and viewing our webpages. Please check Google Analytics for more information.


The software we use to create our site is open source and it stores log information of pages being served to visitors, including IP addresses. These logs are stored on our server and only we have access to them. 

Keeping Personal Information Safe

We do not share any personal information with anyone. We have no hidden third-party partners who see your personal information either. We do not store or collect financial information such as credit card information. 

Please make sure you understand how your posts are shared inside our private community and to make sure you understand this important topic by following the links above once you become a member.

We have no marketing campaigns and do not engage in social media marketing of any kind. Your email address is never shared by us and only used to communicate with you in ways you have requested, such as receiving notifications on a selected forum topic or membership changes.

Information Storage

Our sites are stored in our own servers which are hosted by RackSpace, Inc. We have a physical firewall in addition to software firewalls holding our data safe.

Only in rare occasions when a serious issue arises do we ask the help of a RackSpace technician to access our server, under strict confidentiality, to help with the problem. Otherwise, the server’s software architecture is built and managed entirely by us.


The use of cookies on our site is the basic minimum for the site to operate as per the open source programs mentioned above. We do not use additional cookies to gather personal information.

User Rights

Please know your rights as they pertain to the region where you live and let us know if you have any concerns.


Please use our contact page to send us a question, or you can send us mail to our physical address:

7th Chakra Films
PO BOX 40790
Austin, TX 78704